Proper Pruning

Valley Tree Services follows: 

ANSI A300 Pruning Standards

ANSA 2133 Safety Standards

Reasons for Pruning

  1. To remove dead or damaged tree parts
  2. To pressure tree health by removing diseased and insect damaged parts
  3. To reduce the safety hazard of weak or broken limbs
  4. TO maintain the shape of the tree
  5. To promote better branch structure for the tree as it matures
  6. To restrict tree growth
  7. For clearance from utility lines

When to Prune

  • The BEST overall time of the year to prune tree is late winter.
  • A common recommendation to prune flowering trees is right after they have flowered

Drop Crotch Pruning

  • Not more than ⅓ of total canopy area should be removed in a single pruning operation.

Treatment of Wounds

  • The late Dr. Alex L. Shigo has proven that Mother Nature heals itself – naturally, with proper pruning techniques.

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