Stump Removal

Alaskan Southcentral Trees (Birch, Aspen, Cottonwood, Spruce, Alder, Willows, etc.) have a very shallow root system – no tap root. Most root systems aren’t much more than 2 feet deep. 90% of roots are within the dripline (the outermost branches of a tree). Cottonwood trees seek water and roots have reached out hundreds of feet from the trunk of the cottonwood.

Complete removal of stump and roots can only be done with a hydraulic excavator (as seen above). A sump grinder has its’ place, but is limited to sensitize/ confined areas. Think of a stump and root system as an upside down umbrella. Sump grinding only does half of the job by removing only the head or stump, not the root mass.

  • An excavator removes 95% of roots and  100% of stump. This gives the owner a solid base for future use. Stump grinding leaves the root mass intact, which rots and causes unstable soil conditions
  • VTS also has 2 – 30 cubic yard capacity tree/ dump trucks that can haul away all stumps, roots, organics, limbs and wood.
  • Stump grinding is still available if customer has need.


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