Tree Removal

A majority of a tree service workload and income, come from taking down trees efficiently and safely. This comes with many variations of equipment and knowledge. There isn’t a day in this country that a homeowner or a tree worker isn’t seriously injured or killed while doing tree removal. 



Trees can have defects and hazard and need to be removed by a professional – Valley Tree Service – The Alaska Tree Expert.

Ways to Remove Trees

1. Do assessment of trees soundness, lean, obstacles, limb weight, wind, terrain, height, etc. Some questions we consider:

  • Can the tree be taken down with a directional fall to the ground?
  • Does tree need to be safely roped for control and redirection?
  • Does tree need to be climbed and pieced out safely?
  • Is the tree unsafe to climb?
  • Should we use the VTS 55’ Hydraulic bucket truck or Hydro Tree Crane? (The only tree truck in the state of Alaska).

Removal Options - Paid by Customers

  • Fall tree and leave on-site (no clean-up)
  • Fall tree – remove limbs only – leave wood
  • Fall tree – remove limbs and wood
  • Fall tree – remove limbs, wood, and stumps

Valley Tree Services - the Right Methods and the Right Equipment

  • 55’ Bucket Truck
  • Hydraulic Tree Crane (8000 lb lift capacity)
  • 2 Tree Trucks (30 yard brush. Stump hauling capacity)
  • Hitachi 100 Excavator
  • Komatsu 41 Dozer
  • Hyster 40000lb tilt trailer
  • 2 Skidoo Skandic’s and trailer
  • Many chainsaw, ropes, rigging, and climbing gear, etc.

Valley Tree Services owns and uses the right methods and equipment to get the job done safely and at a competitive price.


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